Sunday, November 6, 2011

Eleanor Cox - Chronic Lyme disease Since 1989


  1. It's ridiculous. They should know what to do and educate people about the risks. This is crazy.

    It's great to be able to speak to someone who is knowledgeable and knows what Lyme disease is like, but the health services people should know more than they do and serve as good references themselves!

  2. August 1989 ridding horses in hill country of San Antonio and next morning got up to jog and l block into the run my world was spinning. Home to shower and lump in back of head size of grape found. Husband used a dental scapal to remove. Was told not to worry about the tic because Texas didn't have Lyme. For 10 years I went from doctor to doctor with loss of vision extreme fatigue, swollen joints, foggy brain, simple infections that always took more than one dose of antibiotics to clear. A brain aneurism rupture in August of 1999 gave me the answer. Third day post-op eye sight restored, Fifth day post-op swallow reflex restored that had been lost for three years, End of first week in ICU I was talking in sentences. The ALS, Alzheimers symptoms were gone. My doctor sent my blood to IGenex Lab in Cal. I have three types of Lyme, anaplasmosis, ehrlicilosis, and babesia microti. The IV drug Rocephin was clearing the spirochetes from my blood stream. However, The Cell-Wall deficient bacteria were still finding white blood, red blood and any other cells in my body to produce the last stage (cyst) that would mature into fullblown spirochete and rupture out of cell of choosing to re-attack my body. I will probably never rid myself of this Borrelia disease with it's many co-infections but antibiotics and supplements keep me going. If only I had been given one blottle of doxicycline back in 1989 I would not have to be fighting daily. Oxygen use helps with the air hunger and sleep apnea (central not structual) You must be followed by a Lyme Literate doctor. I feel this disease may be the underlying cause of MS, Als, Parkinson, Alzeimer's, Gulf War, Autism, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and any other autoimmune disorder. Veterinarians understand this disease better than most doctors. If Syphilis can be chronic then of course so can Lyme. They are both spirochete diseases. How terrible that the medical community have made this such a political subject. Wait till most of their family members come down with this complex immune disorder---then like AIDS and only then will something be done to help all of us that have suffered year after year and doctor after doctor. Thank God I had a brain anuerism rupture or I would have been long gone by now.