Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 13

I must say I would have preferred to have cycled more than 37 km today, but given the wind conditions as well as the hills that my old body had to peddle up, my legs are of the opinion that they cycled at least 100k today - and who am I to argue. 


It was 8 degrees Celsius this morning and I am guessing that the wind was at least 50 kilometer per hour.  That would be fine if the wind was stable, but it was gusting from all directions as it swept through the hilly terrain between Wasaga Beach and Coldwater. My feet went from freezing will no toe warmers on to boiling with the warmers.  It was a crazy ride.  Two days ago I was cycling in record temperatures of 29 degrees, today I was cycling in 8 degree weather.  If this isn't extreme I don't know what is. 


We managed to get into speak to the students at Huronia Centennial Public School in Elmvale, Ontario.  The staff and students were very receptive and it was a great opportunity to spread the word further about Lyme.  Thank you very much for listening Elmvale.


We detoured off the main road to visit Big Chute, the marine railway that connects boats through the Severn Waterway System. While at Big Chute, I took the opportunity to spread the word to a couple of small groups of people.  It always amazes me that people that know about Lyme know the basics but rarely seem to understand the serious impact it can have if not treated quickly.  Most people just simply do not realize that such a tiny little creature as a tick can be such a life changing and debilitating beast.


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