Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 20

The numbers say it all.  Today was a unintentional holiday.
FYI - I went the Deep River and District Healthcare Center and got some very good, and very professional advice. 
It seems that my knee injury is a combination of too many long hills between North Bay and Deep River along with increasingly excessive play in my left bike shoe cleat that has been allowing too much movement in my left foot.  What the doctor suspected is that along with my age, and the added pressure that I have put on the knee, the movement in the cleat has strained some cartilage, causing inflammation.  Please note that he was obviously much more technical and detailed than I and my accounting is quite simplified. 
After determining that a day off would do a lot of good, Maciek and headed to Renfrew where I will be heading out from in the morning.  Along the way, while stopping for fuel, we ended up meeting and speaking with a couple who have friends with a 30 year old daughter with Lyme that are currently in New York because no proper treatment is available in Canada.  What an incredibly small world that we live in.  If Maciek hadn't jumped out of the truck and started the conversation, we would have never known just how close are lives are and what others have learnt about Lyme disease the hard way.
I would also like to thank the doctor, I wish I had taken don his name, but did not think of it at the time.  His diagnosis also included where I could go get new cleats for my shoes, which is a testimony to all that is well and good about our healthcare system.  There are so many kind and caring people within the system, it is just such a shame that they are being prevented from learning the true facts about Lyme from those who control and manipulate the healthcare system from the top down. 
And lastly, many thanks from Eric at GearHeads in Petawawa, Ontario.  Not only did we have a great chat about Lyme with Eric, but giving me a super discount on new cleats was an unexpected gesture that is very appreciated. 
I may repeat myself, but wow are their a lot of good decent people in this country and it is simply a pleasure having such an incredible opportunity to come into your communities and be made to feel so welcome.
Tomorrow, if all in the knee department is well - Ottawa it is!

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