Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 18

There is a reason this is being posted a day late. We ended up stopped for the night on a short dead end road about 10 km east of Deux-Rivieres, Ontario, where we had no cellphone communication, no OnStar communication, no Blackberry, no Mobile Internet. After 18 days, I finally found the spot where you can get away from it all.

My right knee has been a bugger for well over a week. I have had bursitis for almost a decade. However, despite this, it has not slowed me down the least bit. The left knee on the other hand, or leg as it were, is another story. I have never had any problems with my left knee - until Monday of this week. What started as mind discomfort on Monday has turned into a significant pain today. We ended up having to stop and ice my leg every 15 km in order to push 86k under the peddles.

Hopefully this will be an issue that fades soon.

We spoke to several people in Mattawa that had a good understanding about Lyme and shared many stories about the state of our healthcare system. This blog isn't intended to act as a negative zone for lashing out at healthcare, but really, to hear such frustrated stories of people have gone through really brings home the point that the emperor has no clothes. I cannot thanks those who listened and shared enough for their personal experiences and candid perspective on what changes need to be made.

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