Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 10

It is incredible where information about Lyme comes. Maciek and Kasia are here for a one year work visa from Poland. This morning while checking news from back home via internet, Maciek found a major news story about Lyme. It turns out that in Poland, the "Lyme Bus" travels all around the country reinforcing what is already well known - that Lyme is real and that it needs to diagnosed and treated quickly or it can become a serious, untreatable disease. Furthermore, they have what we would refer to as a booster shot that the "Lyme Bus" has for those who want it.

So where does this fit with the Canadian approach of deny, deny, and lie. Including myself, I know 4 people who our healthcare system has either performed major surgery on or attempted to perform on people that were actually infected with Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that is Lyme disease. During our recent federal election, I was annoyed by Jack Layton's commercials about getting us more doctors. I emailed Jack's campaign, told my story, and even gave them my website. I told Jack, we don't need more doctors, we need better doctors. To this date, I never have received any response from the Layton campaign.

We uploaded the first rant done to date this morning - it is a window to the frustration that I see to a healthcare system that is flat out lying to the public out the serious disease that everyone seems to have known about for a long time.

Oh, and I spun my Specialized Secteur 29 plus clicks this morning. We had to stop for a while and miss some k's because of some dense fog. It is sunny and hot now, but I will hopefully be back spinning my wheels.

Evening - Did I say sunny and hot - holy cow- it was a scorcher out there today. At first I could smell bacon frying.............then I realized it was me......

We did an interview with the Kincardine Times early afternoon - Thank you to the reporter, Jennifer, for a job well done.

We also went and spoke to a couple of staff members at Inverhuron Provincial Park. They were great and provided us with what the provincial parks are providing park campers with every visit. The unfortunate thing is that ticks don't restrict themselves to provincial parks and the provincial government as a whole needs to provide this type of information for all of the public - everywhere.

I finished my 66k tonight in Port Elgin. Maciek used time-lapse photography to record the sunset.

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