Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 3 - 'First 200K!'

cycleforlyme.com from DolzProductions on Vimeo.


This morning started off with wind and ended with wind.  I unfortunately had to pack it in at only 46 kilometers because the wind was so strong from the south west it was knocking me off the road and after hitting the soft shoulder of Hwy #3, it was no longer safe for biking.  None the less, it likely took more energy today to travel 46k than it took to cover 70k yesterday, so the accomplishment feels good, sore, but good.  I received a donation today from a man named Todd.  I subsequently found out by email that Todd was one of the numerous people that cycled with me on Saturday.  We only spoke for a minute or so as we left Mississauga and entered Oakville, but that is a minute that I will not be forgotten.  Todd, thank you for both the encouragement Saturday and for the donation today! 
Update: After an rain-free thunder and lightning display passed over, the wind dropped off considerably.  And with that, I ended up putting another 12.8 km on the bike, just enough to meet the 200 km goal. 

and total...

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