Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 2

The first 36 km were a breeze for the body and good for the mind. The second 34 not so much. A wind came up from the south and I was headed straight into it for the last 20 -25 km.  It really puts the muscles to the test and makes me realize how lucky I am to be able to do something that literally months ago I would never have dreamed I could do. 
We had a man in a big water truck who saw the "Ride For Lyme Disease" sign on the back of the RV stop and give us $20. I didn't go into detail with him about his connection to Lyme, but what was clear was that he certainly was of the opinion that what we are doing is important and long over due.  Less than an hour later, just outside St. George, Ontario, I spoke to a woman who also was fully apprized about Lyme and proceeded to vent that something has to be done to correct the way that our healthcare system is ignoring so many people with Lyme disease.  A couple of hours later I was lost in Brantford (I actually managed to get lost twice in Brantford) and asked a woman for directions. After putting me back on course I explained what I was doing, and without skipping a beat, she described how years ago her daughter had a red rash on the inside of her left leg (that is the same as me) and that the doctors didn't know what it was.  She then explained that the doctor cut it out and her daughter still has the scar.  She then said that they were later told that it was Lyme disease and her daughter was treated with antibiotics.  I didn't let getting lost twice stress me out, and ended up meeting someone who told me the most incredible story about her direct connection this disease. 

2nd day - 70.49km!! Better that expected!

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