Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 7

I had done a little complaining last night about having only completed 10k yesterday. The quick and stern response from the kids was that this wasn't about whether or not I cycled 66 km per day but rather getting the message out about Lyme. Although I agreed, by 6:30 this morning my brain was still arguing the point. So by 7 am, I was spinning my way to Leamington, Ontario, getting in the k's that I deem so vital. However, with no fixed destination, I ended up on a country side road somewhere northwest of Wheatley spinning with not a thought in my head. After 20 years of living day by day, simply trying to get through life, not live life, I again found myself thinking about what my wife always says about riding her horse. Heather has always said that when she is riding dressage, all the stress of a career, the stress of an endlessly sick spouse, and as well as having a child, simply melts away the 800 pound gorilla that she carries around day to day (I have likely been at least 500 pounds of that gorilla). As I came back into Wheatley, I started seeing kids walking to the very school that I spoke at yesterday. In a flash what I was told last night by Maciek and Kasia hit me once again - it isn't about the k's I spin, its about the knowledge about Lyme disease that gets spun forward and the knowledge that less people will end up with an 800 pound gorilla on their shoulders. Oh, and by the way, just under 24 km done before 8:30 AM - and when I got back the RV.......Maciek and Kasia.......still sound asleep. OLD GUYS ON BIKES ROCK!!

We had another good day in gymnasium in Tilbury, Ontario, speaking to students. I know I am repeating myself, but kids sure can absorb information, and respond with good questions. It never stops amazing me how they pick up on what I miss and ask questions that provide great topics that I have not expressed. Thank you for listening Tilbury Area Public School.

I did another 29 plus kilometers late this afternoon. North of Chatham in Hwy #40 was the most aggressive driving I have seen yet. Maciek did a great job snugging up the distance between us, and really made me safe. I called the truck and trailer my 9,000 pound buffer zone. On the flip side, a white Ford F-150 passed me and slowed to a stop. As I passed by I got the thumbs up from the driver and moments later a young man stopped the kids and gave a donation. A very moving and much appreciated act that will never be forgotten.

Also on the road to Wallaceburg, I had at least half a dozen cars slow down, honk, and wave. These are the random acts of kindness that push me past the pain and keep me spinning my Specialized cogs down the road.

Very nice young boy gave us a donation. Thank you!

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