Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 8

This morning was most unmotivated day for not wanting to cycle in the rain.  The good news was that although it started with damp air and wet pavement, the rain never came.  I cycled 49k from Wallaceburg to Sarnia on County Road 31.  What an awesome road on a Saturday morning. The few cars that were on 31 were as respectful to my cycling as it gets.  
When we reached Sarnia we met with another of the strongest Lyme sufferers there could ever be.  Christine Heffer is an inspiration to anyone suffering with Lyme.  She has the determination to do what needs to be done to get our healthcare to stop denying that Lyme infected ticks are a part of our environment and that refusing to make it part of the general publics consciousness is more than just a shame, it is outright disgusting.  The interview we did with Christine will hopefully be up on the blog in a couple of days - it can't be missed. 
The balance of my cycle tonight was through Sarnia.  I set aside my usual cycling skills for part of the balance to cycle with the kids. Maciek and Kasia held me back, but it was to be expected that kids in their 20's can't keep up to a fit old man infected with Borrleia burgdorferi...
For those who haven't checked the blog, you will see that county road 31 was the perfect road for a little cycle high-jinx and the three of us aim to please.
Prior to writing this tonight, I spoke to my son Gavin at home in Newmarket.  When I told him 70.5k today, he said it was good that I was no longer slacking off like the last couple of days. 

Christine Heffer


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